Elite Team: BioTech Clinical Research Organization​

BioTech Clinical Research Organization​


Established Clinical Research Organization recently acquired by large Pharmaceutical Company
Requires strategy to be leader for Cell & Gene Therapy Clinical Trials
New team to be established to develop and execute vision and strategy
Client Need
Develop a clear vision
Develop a strategy
Build a high performing team
Ensure strategy is turned into action
Key Strategies
Team Building - principles of Elite Teams
Values - development of aspirational team values
Visioneering - creation of a team vision for success
Mission - alignment around what team must focus on for next 18 months
Strategy - agreement on core strategic pillars
Strategy Deployment - generation of project hopper and prioritization of top projects. Establishment of project governance structure.
Results Achieved
Creation and alignment around shared Values, Vision and Mission
First steps in building an Elite Leadership team
Top 10 projects selected, resourced and launched
This was an amazing experience.  I honestly can’t think of anything I would change.
Vice President
Fantastic, this was a great learning experience, very interactive and so impressed with the progress we made.
Executive Director