Systems: Pharmaceutical CDMO StartUp Site

BioTech Manufacturing


BioTech Development and Manufacturing Site
Startup site (established less than 18 months)
Experiencing rapid growth and fast changing market dynamics
~120 employees
Client Need
Fully understand current state processes
Identify improvement roadmap
Implement key operational and improvement processes
Establish improvement culture
Exceed aggressive productivity goals
Key Strategies
5-day end-to-end value stream mapping event with 20 participants
Implementation of digital daily tiered management
Project governance: weekly project review, and monthly steering committee
Establishment of Operational Performance governance
Implementation of kaizen improvement events and steering committee
Results Achieved
120 improvement ideas representing >$2M in annualized productivity
Daily management discipline
Exceeding year end revenue targets
Culture of improvement and talent pipeline
We would not have achieved our year end results without support from the MissionPerform team
General Manager
Great facilitation, great engagement, buy-in and we started implementing the improvements immediately
Workshop Participant