Environmental and Sustainability Commitment


MissionPerform is deeply aware of its responsibility towards the environment, stemming from its core operations and the services it extends to its clients. Our Environmental and Sustainability Commitment is tailored to establish a framework encompassing objectives, methodologies, and periodic evaluations aimed at enhancing our environmental sustainability. Through this Commitment, we pledge to:

  • Conduct all internal and client-related activities in an environmentally neutral manner, employing the best techniques available, while considering cost-effectiveness. Our operations aim to protect the natural world and foster sustainable growth, balancing economic and environmental factors.
  • Cultivate environmental consciousness within our organization and among those we serve, striving for environmental betterment, reduction in waste, and prudent use of natural resources.
  • Adhere to exemplary practices and legal standards pertinent to the environment.
  • Educate our team on environmental preservation, provide training in relevant practices, and support compliance with environmental standards.
  • Promote environmental awareness among our subcontractors.
  • Develop and uphold an assessable environmental management system, enhancing our environmental standards through ongoing monitoring and control over our influence areas.
  • Strategize our operations to minimize pollution and disturbances, endeavoring to mitigate environmental harm.
  • Pursue innovative environmental strategies to uphold every aspect of this commitment.

Sustainability Commitment

MissionPerform is dedicated to weaving sustainability into our operational fabric and strategic planning, enabling us to contribute actively to the sustainability challenge and enhance the welfare of our clients, communities, employees, and subcontractors.

  • Sustainability principles will be ingrained in MissionPerform’s operations, guiding us towards our vision of outstanding service, exemplary projects, and a fulfilling workplace.
  • We will endeavor to decrease our natural resource consumption and, where practical, procure sustainable products and services, maintaining our dedication to cost-effectiveness.
  • We will enhance sustainability within our workspaces by promoting reduced water and energy usage, minimizing material waste, and maximizing recycling efforts.
  • To lessen the environmental impact of our daily operations, we will encourage sustainable transportation options and the use of virtual meeting technologies.
  • We commit to operating in full compliance with environmental laws, governmental policies, and best practice codes.
  • We will ensure fair and respectful treatment of all our clients, upholding a policy against discrimination.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Our policies are subject to continuous monitoring to guarantee their effectiveness. The Sustainability Commitment is an integral component of our Environmental Management System (EMS), with service standards, performance metrics, and customer feedback serving as key evaluative tools.